Rasa / Baia Formosa

Rasa / Baia Formosa
Photo: Editoria Búzios On Line / Anna Fischer
  • NOT TO BE MISSED: Walking in the morning or at sunset during low tide, when the sand strip is wide and flat
  •   WHAT TO BRING:Beach umbrella, chair, food and drink and trash bag
  • WHAT YOU WILL FIND THERE:Good winds for sailing, extensive stretch of sand to walk on and toasty warm waters to dive into.

A favorite of sailing enthusiasts and fans of kite surfing due to the winds that blow constantly, this beach has warm and shallow waters and also attracts families with children.

The beach is one of the longest in Búzios, which makes it a good choice to go walking, jogging or for playing racquetball - preferably at the end of the day, when the sunset makes for a beautiful spectacle.

There are vacation homes, inns and residences along the beach, which houses a marina and offers no beach tent infrastructure.

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