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Rua das Pedras

Photo: Editoria Búzios Online / AF

What street is this anyway?

"Imagine a street where you can meet your friends, talk calmly, discuss deeply, flirt joyously. Meet interesting people, expand your circle of friends. Or even where you can simply enjoy the world parading by. Where people feel free and time is imperceptible.

Imagine a street where you can walk, have the pleasure of wandering and seeing beautiful, colorful and even unusual things. Where you can hear different accents, strange languages, music of various styles. Unwind from a busy week, change the scenery, seek your peace at peace.

Imagine a street with a wide variety of shops, where you can enjoy art galleries, pick typical things and local crafts, and enjoy culinary pleasures in real restaurants. Where periodically there are culinary, music and movie festivals.

Imagine that this street has style, charm, intelligence, a certain international and Brazilian flair at the same time. That is has a privileged climate. That it sits by the sea! Well, stop imagining. This exists and it’s here in Búzios. It’s the Rua das Pedras. Can you believe it?"

By: Paulo Novaes 
Collaboration: Chez Michou


Style and charm to spare

An icon of Búzios, Rua das Pedras is the portrait of the resort town’s glamour. Just over 600 meters long, the “catwalk” is full of trendy bars, sophisticated restaurants, designer shops, inns, cafes, art galleries, ice cream parlors, nightclubs …

The crowds are sparse during the day but when night falls and the yellowish streetlights take over the street, the buzz permeates every nook. After 1 a.m., the come-and-go of young people, foreigners, and couples is relentless – not for naught, the shops are opened until dawn.

The spirit of Rua das Pedras also extends towards Orla Bardot, which is practically a continuation of the street, but alongside Armação Beach. There you can also find bars, shops, ice cream parlors, inns, and nightclubs, as well as some of Búzios’ most sophisticated restaurants.

The bucolic also has a place at Orla Bardot, which is always colored by fishing boats. A walk along the boardwalk, peppered with wooden decks, benches and gardens, features bronze sculptures of famous visitors like French actress Brigitte Bardot and former president JK. Distinguished residents and workers – the fishermen – are also honored there by a beautiful monument signed by artist Christina Motta.


Following the Orla Bardot you will arrive at the charming Praça dos Ossos, which also features beautiful bronze sculptures by Christina. Called “Child Scene”, the work depicts two children and a little black and white dog, an homage to the artist’s dog, "Tango". Around the small square there are restaurants (Japanese, Argentinian…), gift shops and diners. Buy an ice cream, sit on the benches under the trees and enjoy the atmosphere without haste.

At the bustling Praça Santos Dumont, accessible through the Travessa dos Pescadores (where Rua das Pedras ends and Orla Bardot starts), the crowds are guaranteed by the crafts fair that happens every day at dusk. In the stalls, jewelry, paintings, clothes, and tapestries color the scene. The square is also home to concerts, artistic performances and even film screenings during the Film Festival.