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Activities and Attractions

Photo: Sergio Quissak / Secom Búzios
To relax or enjoy, Búzios offers activities at sea, on land, and in the air.

Búzios is surrounded by beaches on nearly all sides. Not by chance, one of the most sought after tours is the boat tour! Therefore, it is possible to get to know a good part of the beaches and then choose your favorites and come back on the other days. Also at sea, you can do anything from diving, both snorkeling and scuba, to sailing sports, taking advantage of the great winds in the area.

On land, activities range from the sophisticated, like getting to know Búzios’ golf course, to simple walks to the natural lookouts, or by the waterfront and on Rua da Pedras. For ecotourism lovers, hikes and tours reveal beautiful scenery.

There is no shortage of fun, but if you prefer to stretch your legs by the beach or the pool, enjoy it without feeling guilty!