Surrounded by beaches on almost all sides, Búzios is a paradise for fishermen. In fact, the town originated from a fishing village that still keeps its traditions, legends and activities.

Anchovies, sea bass, trevally, dogfish, groupers and snappers are found in abundance, especially in the ncora and Gravatás islands (about 30 minutes by boat from the coast). Fishing is also good on the cliffs of beaches João Fernandinho, Forno and Olho de Boi (access from Brava beach), and in Ponta da Ferradurinha (between the Ferradura and Geribá beaches). At Rasa, Manguinhos, and Tucuns beaches rod fishing, directly from the sand, is a common practice.

To enjoy an authentic fishing expedition, the tip is to hire a trawler at the Fishermen Colony. The service includes the boat rental, a sailor knowledgeable about local fishing, equipment and the promise of hooking up to 20 fish per hour!


Colônia de Pescadores
Rua das Pedras, 141
Tel: (22)2623-4516