Diving in Buzios
Photo: Editoria Búzios On Line / Anna Fischer

The combination of crystal clear waters and diverse marine life makes Búzios a veritable aquarium. The average temperature under water is around 22ºC degrees, while the visibility is about ten meters (during the summer it can go up to 25 meters) - perfect conditions for beginner and veteran divers to enjoy the beauties hidden under the sea.

Near the waterfront, the best spots for free diving (snorkeling) are the beach cliffs of João Fernandes, João Fernandinho, Forno, Azeda, and Azedinha, wich are not too deep. At João Fernandes you can rent masks and snorkels.

For scuba diving (using cylinders), one of the best places is the Ilha da ncora, six miles from the coast - about half an hour by boat - where the average visibility is 12 meters and can go up to 25 meters during the summer. The island offers shelter from the winds and currents during most of the year, which ensures clear water - the exception is the month of May, when the winds are stronger and visibility may be affected. Other popular sites are islands Gravatás, Filhote and Ilha Feia.

The entire coast of Búzios is rich in marine life - one reason is the resurgence phenomenon, the presence of cold ocean currents coming from Antarctica and that bring rich nutrients. Behind them come big fish like groupers, halibut and the giant stingray. Friars, anchovies, barracuda, and even green turtles can also be spotted, as well as lots of corals.

Another sought after diving site is the nearby town of Arraial do Cabo (a 30 minute drive from Búzios). The town's beaches are among the best in the country for diving.


Never dived? How about being “baptized” in Búzios?  

 The "baptism" is recommended for those who have never taken a diving lesson, but still want to enjoy the sea safely. The baptism is a 15-minute long theory class aboard the vessel or on the beach, followed by adaptation to the diving equipment out of the water. Then comes the dive, which lasts about 40 minutes at an average depth of about 15 meters. Throughout the activity, the instructor guides and monitors the beginner. The equipment consists of wetsuit, cylinder, vest, mask and fins.

How to dive/Who to see  

Local diving operators offer baptisms, lessons for beginners and activities for experienced divers. There are daily outings in vessels equipped with all required safety items, which take you to the best diving spots in Búzios or Arraial do Cabo. The companies also rent and sell equipment in general.


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