Massage therapists, clinics and inns offer the most varied techniques to relax the body and soul. In some cases, the massages take place outdoors, right by the beach!

The spa services available in some inns are a hit with guests and non-guests. Such is the case with Casas Brancas SPA, in Morro do Humaitá. Shiatsu, Swedish massage, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage are available on the "menu" of personalized treatments. Insólito Hotel and Pedra da Laguna, both on Ferradura Beach, also offer body and facial treatments and massages.

Other places also offer various types of relaxation treatments like the Buddha Dharma Meditation Center. Yoga, various massages and acupuncture are among the services offered.


Bella Terapia

Tel: (22) 9-9289-1057

Mayra Bosco

Tel: (22) 9-7401-9809 

Casas Brancas SPA

Morro do Humaitá (acesso pela Orla Bardot), 10
Tel: (22) 2623-1458

Buddha Dharma Meditation Center

Rua das Pedras, 04 - sobreloja

Tel: (22) 2623-9888