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A combination of windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding, kite surfing is a relatively new sport, but which already has fans in much of the world. The activity is practiced using a kind of windsurfing board and a small paraglider (kite), enabling displacement and radical maneuvers at sea. Depending on wind conditions, the kite reaches enormous speed and boosts the sportsman over the water as if pulled by a speedboat.

Good winds allow the sport to be practiced year round

In Búzios, the sport is practiced especially at Rasa and Manguinhos beaches due to the strong winds that blow constantly on that side of the peninsula, or, if you want an even more extreme experience, in Geribá. At Rasa beach, fans of the sport share space with students of the schools that operate from there, like the Búzios Kitesurfing School, a pioneer in town. In addition to the two types of courses - basic and intensive - the school offers private lessons.



Búzios Kitesurfing School
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