The calm waters of Ferradura are perfect for skiing

Fans of motorized water sports will find activities at Ferradura and João Fernandes beaches. Ferrradura is home to company Day Off, which offers wakeboard and single and double ski lessons and "sessions", as well as banana boat rides (shaped like an orca) and motorboat rides.

The school, which has been operating for over twenty years, teaches the first steps - or rather, maneuvers! – of wakeboarding: departure, crossing swells, first jumps and wake to wake - when you jump from one swell to another, crossing all of the boat’s wake. The best time for lessons is in the morning, when there is less wind.

For those who prefer to just have fun, the tip is the banana boat ride, which requires a minimum of eight and a maximum of sixteen people. The little ones can also join the adventure - children older than two and a half years accompanied by their parents can enjoy quiet laps and take in the scenery of Ferradura or João Fernandes beach, another place where this activity can be enjoyed.

Also very popular is the towable ski tube - a towed inflatable device for up to four people, which slides around and reaches incredible speed during curves in a bullwhip effect.

To enjoy the views and explore other beaches, the tip is to take a boat ride. The private tour offered by Day Off Búzios is by motorboat and takes up to five people to three itineraries that you can choose from. Other companies offer schooner, motorboat and trawler rides so you can better explore the area.


Day Off Búzios  
Ferradura Beach (left side)
Phone:55 (22) 99918-8885 / 55 (21) 99660-1170 / 55 (21) 99811-2309 
The school opens during weekends, holidays and school vacations

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