Photo: Editoria Búzios On Line / Anna Fischer
  • NOT TO BE MISSED: Snacking in the kiosks and the water sports
  • WHAT TO BRING:Money, especially if you are travelling with children
  • WHAT YOU WILL FIND THERE:Kiosks, massage, and water sports

The cove with calm and cold waters is a favorite of families with children and fans of water sports. Besides the tranquility, the beach offers a full structure of kiosks on the left corner – in the menus, the choices range from shrimp patties and fish fingers to sea bass stew (moqueca) with coconut milk and palm oil.

The fun is guaranteed by the banana-boat rides, kayaking, boat rides, as well as by the sailing schools that also rent equipment. If you want to relax you can get a massage among the rocks.

The right corner is quieter and surrounded by waterfront mansions. Walking in this direction you will arrive at a small beach.

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