Photo: Editoria Búzios Online / AF
  • NOT TO BE MISSED: Enjoy the bucolic scenery and visit the little church of St. Anne
  • WHAT TO BRING:Camera
  • WHAT YOU WILL FIND THERE:Water-taxis that take you to other beaches, and drinks

Full of fishing boats, a vegetation-covered waterfront and charming renovated fishermen's houses, the beach looks like a postcard. On the left side, at the top, is the church of St. Anne, with beautiful views, and the Búzios Yacht Club. On the other side is the start of the trail that leads to Azeda beach.

Perfect for taking pictures, walking around and taking the children, the beach has makeshift canoes on the sand that ensure the cold drinks. For those who do not want to walk to Azeda or Azedinha, there are water-taxis that take you there and to other beaches.

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