• NOT TO BE MISSED: Enjoy the long strip of sand to walk, play racquetball…
  • WHAT TO BRING:Beach umbrella and chair
  • WHAT YOU WILL FIND THERE:A few kiosks and plenty of space. Walking to the right corner is fun.

Virtually wild and not very busy, the beach is very long – which makes it perfect for walking, running and playing racquetball – and has waves and open sea.

The name is inspired by a type of palm tree typical of the region, called tucum. Access is through Geribá beach – a road that starts on the left corner - or through the Buzios / Cabo Frio road.

The infrastructure of bars is small - only a few, scattered in the middle of the beach and on the left corner. The beach is also the landing point for free flight practitioners. It houses a large resort in the center of the beach.

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