Photo: Editoria Búzios On Line / Anna Fischer
  • NOT TO BE MISSED:Swimming and enjoying the sun, especially on the deck of the Tartaruga restaurant
  • UNNECESSARY:Parking attendants who overcharge and beach tent owners who insist on charging a consumption fee even though it’s prohibited.
  • WHAT TO BRING:Mask and snorkel for a dive along the cliffs
  • WHAT YOU WILL FIND THERE:Kiosks for all tastes

Access is via a road off the main street of Búzios - José Bento Ribeiro Dantas Road - shortly before the Ferradura clover (pay attention - the signage is poor).

The beach has calm waters that are usually the warmest in the region, since it’s not bathed by the cold currents from Antarctica. Take some time to snorkel along the cliffs of the right corner.

Along the long stretch of sand, kiosks for all tastes scatter tables, chairs and loungers around. The MPB soundtrack ensures total relaxation. Don’t leave before sunset.

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