João Fernandes

João Fernandes
Photo: Sergio Quissak / Secom Búzios
  • NOT TO BE MISSED:Kayaking and swimming in the crystal clear waters
  • UNNECESSARY:The loud music coming from some of the beach huts and the harassment of the street vendors selling everything: from clothing to pirate CDs
  • WHAT YOU WILL FIND THERE:Bars and restaurants and kayak and snorkel rental

Skirted by inns, hotels and luxury condominiums, the beach has calm waters perfect for kayaking, as well as cliffs to practice snorkeling. Not by chance, it is a mandatory stop during schooner rides.

The beach is a favorite of foreign tourists - especially the Argentinians - who enjoy the good infrastructure of bars and restaurants that serve snacks and dishes with lobster and shrimp. The kiosks sit on a plateau, but usually scatter tables and chairs on the sand - which is prohibited.

If you would rather get away from the crowds that usually take over the place, walk to the right corner, which is a little quieter.

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